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I joined this crazy place on 2011-05-05, 11 years ago.

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Raised in OK, but living in WA for a while longer. Coming home some time this year, though! Mother of 3, photographer, and all-around nice girl.

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Tired of paying to live in a MOLDY home - 10 years ago

I've already signed this. We had Picerne come and "clean" the mold in part of the house, but they did nothing with the actual intake area, and it is black, rotted, and nasty. I am back to having asthm...

MOLD in housing-be cautious! - 10 years ago

I hope they do something. I thought it was funny that the day after I put in the ICE comment, I heard back from the main housing office. They sent someone out today to investigate it, and saw where so...

MOLD in housing-be cautious! - 10 years ago

So, I don't know how many others have had to deal with toxic black mold in their housing here on post, but we have. We had a problem with the air conditioning unit messing up and flooding part of our ...

New to site, but not Ft. Sill, looking for friends... - 10 years ago

Hi! I have a little boy about the same age as yours. He is almost 4. I also have two older kids, who are 9 and 10...a boy and a girl. I am originally from Oklahoma, too, but from all over basically. I...

Moving to Fort Sill this summer - 10 years ago

I recommend moving to a different town, then, unless you want to spend a hefty lump of money for a house. Most of the good neighborhoods are where the newer housing is built, and they are expensive. Y...

family of 6 moving to Ft. Sill from Germany - 10 years ago

I think it's about a 10-15 minute drive to post, if that. It isn't too far. I know a lot of people would rather live in that area than in Lawton. The school there is good, too, from what I have heard....

family of 6 moving to Ft. Sill from Germany - 10 years ago

There are good and bad things about the town, and if you like warm ( summers, cold winters, and pretty calm in-between, then it's good. Some of the schools aren't too bad, but I heard Eisen...

Moving to Sill from Riley - 10 years ago

There's actually quite a bit to do here with kids if you are open-minded. There are a lot of parks in the area, a wildlife refuge where you can drive through and see deer, elk, buffalo, and cattle. Yo...

Moving to Sill from Riley - 10 years ago

Hi and welcome! Some of the housing on post isn't bad, but if you are wanting to live off post, I recommend living in Medicine Park, Elgin, or one of the surrounding towns. If you live in Lawton, t...

Hi Lady's, we are headin your way... - 10 years ago

Hey Jennifer! Welcome to Oklahoma soon! We came here from Fort Lewis last August. I like it better here, but it's home for me. Some don't like it, and some do. Summers are beyond hot here, and winter ...

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