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I joined this crazy place on 2010-01-11, 12 years ago.

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Complaints - 12 years ago

It sounds to me like maybe this is all the same person. Maybe with different emails? Maybe trying to set this couple or even just one of the business for failure. Maybe they didn't like a price, maybe...

Wrecked CJ7- Repairs Possible - 12 years ago

Hey! Saw an ad on SYS for a 1985 CJ7 Jeep. Wrecked in the left front. Person posting has said possible repair. I have always wanted a CJ7 but admit I am not the mechanical type. I guess the motor is r...

John To's Mistress - 12 years ago

My how this thread has expanded and the drama has unfolded. Sounds like some real winners involved in this circle jerk! I'm kind of thinking this man and woman deserve each other! So have any of yo...

Thank You from Semper Fi Contracting and Construction! - 12 years ago

I've heard mighty good things about you partner. You represent the Corps well.

John To's Mistress - 12 years ago

Wow is right. You certainly appear out for blood/vengeful just by posting this info on a public forum. Lord only knows how many of this couples friends or families read this site!! On the other ha...

Hiring Someone to Build a Garage/Workship - 12 years ago

I am contemplating hiring someone to build me a garage/workshop. It will be fairly big, concrete slab, windows, double doors, work benches inside, etc. Does anyone have any referrals? I have been hear...


Thanks for the information, Princess;I will keep this in mind in the future. I have heard a few things about this company/guy. Now I do have one said he was a busy man. Did you have a l...

Mechanic? - 12 years ago

Who did you end up using and how did they work out for you? I prefer to stay on top of who offers great customer service, who does the job well, etc. Who knows when I need to hire someone or my friend...

a song??? - 12 years ago

You ladies are hilarious.


I figured that. All of the same grammatical errors, verbage, colloquialisms, etc. This is her, what, 3rd or 4th account? This woman is making herself look like Cybil. Her poor husband; obviously this ...

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