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I joined this crazy place on 2010-04-19, 8 years ago.

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WHERE ARE THE DOUGHNUTS!?!?!? - 8 years ago

There is a Bakery close to the corner of 11th and Gore that has pretty good doughnuts and they have a cheese danish pastry that is AWESOME! It is called Johnson's Bakery, its next to a gas station, st...

Hissy Fitz (in the mall) - 8 years ago

Hmm... does Hissy Fitz have an email address or something? Maybe we can all write emails or sign a petition or something saying that we won't shop there until you get your bows or money.

Pumpkin Patch? - 8 years ago

Does anyone know where a pumpkin patch is within about 20 minutes of Ft. Sill?

dentists- Dr. Carbone? - 8 years ago

Does anyone have any experience with this Dr.? I made an appt. with his office because they were the only ones I could find that do Air Abrasion (drill-less fillings) I plan to take my 7 year old dau...

Reynolds.. GRR - 8 years ago

You're welcome! Hopefully something will get done about it! When I went in the other day, the lady with the long nails wasn't there. It was 2 other ladies (both old), one was on a personal phone ca...

Brazilian wax location? - 8 years ago

All about you says they do total body waxing in their add in the phone book. Lawton Nail and Spa is 669 3888, I don't know if they do it, I just found their numbe...

Realtors in Lawton - 8 years ago

There was a lady I spoke with at Parker Jones. I think her name was Pam. We were looking for rental houses and even though they didn't have what we were looking for, she gave us a print out of house...

Reynolds.. GRR - 8 years ago

I have recently filled out a comment on the OB clinic online and explained that I loved most of the staff that I had seen there except the receptionists, so you aren't the only one. First, go to http...

Serious Question.. :( - 8 years ago

If you are military you can get an AER loan and financial counseling classes. Go to the ACS building, or look up the number for Army Community Services on the Sill website. You can get an interest f...

On post hospital.. - 8 years ago

I haven't really heard much but I'm sure you've been to OB and everyone I met is really nice so far. For people who had C sections, How did they close the incision? I know someone that delivered at ...

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