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I joined this crazy place on 2010-07-26, 12 years ago.

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pest control...... - 11 years ago

Well, with the Bayer stuff, we got it at Atwoods. And you just spray the baseboards so we didn't need to wash anything. I have no idea if it's safe for indoor plants but we've sprayed outside and it...

pest control...... - 11 years ago

yeah, I don't do spiders either. I grew up in Tennessee and we had brown recluses, black widows and wolf spiders something terrible. But it wasn't until we moved here that we had black widows litera...

Need some recommendations - 11 years ago

I'm sorry, my OB/GYN is not Dr. Lewis. It's Dr. Lennon. Lewis is my daughter's doctor. And Kortne is very right about a good neighborhood and then the next street over is a bad one. Very touch a...

Need some recommendations - 11 years ago

Well, fear not about the tornadoes. We rarely see rain in Lawton. Stuff splits and goes around us! I rent from a terrific lady who has a special place in her heart for animals and low deposits....

Need Input From You Ladies!!! - 11 years ago

There is a lady on sill that does spray tans. Her name is Annia. Search 'Spray Tan'. She does a special little deal like the one you're talking about. She's tanned me and I have nothing but good t...

How 'bout I post my complaint here! - 11 years ago

I've seen something like this on the underground before and haven't been able to find it. I posted in it and it doesn't turn up in my list of stuff I've posted so I think that thread got deleted. I'...

German Food Trailer by Class 6 - 11 years ago

I completely disagree with the Meers stuff! We waited for 2 hours for a burger. The wait was in a crowded waiting area, where you have to stand in a line and get herded through like a cow. There is...

Scrapbooking? - 11 years ago

Eh, I wouldn't buy the whole kit-n-kaboodle. In my opinion, the prices are a little high for a 'yard sale' site. But I'm not saying to not buy it b/c of that. I wouldn't, especially if you are just...

Satan Called. - 11 years ago

He wants his weather back.

Have you found the new Team UmiZoomi DVD? - 11 years ago

Has anyone seen this at a store in Lawton? Walmart only has it online, Kmart and Sears don't show it. I've already been to Wichita Falls and they don't have it, don't want to go back if someone has ...

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